SCULPT- Core, Strength & Stretch

This 60 minute Class is made up of 30 minutes of Pelvic Floor activation and challenge through a range of exercises aimed at building a stronger you from the inside out while improving all aspects of your training and enhance results.

Followed by 30 minutes of deep stretching to improve range of motion and support correct Pelvic Floor and Core function.

Outcomes: Improved range of motion to support training and correct technique, improved posture, decreased wear and tear on joints, preparation and recovery for/from pregnancy, faster recovery from training, increased flexibility, balance and co-ordination and improved energy levels. 

This class is for anyone wanting to improve their Pelvic Floor and Core function, Seniors wanting to stay mobile and independent, right through to Athletes/Weekend Warriors wanting to improve whole body function and strength

Class Time

SCULPT 5:30pm - 6:30pm